CR8VMNDS APPAREL, (Creative Minds) is a full service Creative Agency that specializes in screenprinting, merchandising, and brand development. .CR8VMNDS has the resources, capabilities and experience to provide true solutions that exceed expectations and deliver an impressive return on marketing and branding investments.

CR8VMNDS began in 2015, as a division of VIGOR TECH Our CEO Wally Richburg launched CR8VMNDS to fill the void of creative-LESS screenprinting companies who focus on promotional prints,  At CR8VMNDS we focus on brand building, our screenprinting, and embroidery techniques favor and benefit brands who are looking to grow and look good while growing. CR8VMNDS in itself is a marketing/ brands development company that was birthed from marketing and printing  for the likes of such companies as BMW Motorcycles, Jordache, Pink Dolphin Clothing,  Reebok,  Powerade, Iceberg, Vans, New Era, and also creating merchandise campaigns for many celebrities, musicians and record labels. 


Why do we understand the “fashion process” of screenprinting and brand building so well.  Quite simple, we grow and build in house also. One of our earlier brands, The Sol Munki brand depicted a youthful fun lifestyle on high-end t-shirt fabrics.  Graphics included an assortment of designs favoring such niches as skateboarding, hiphop, and streetwear designs.

As a a result of the success of the Sol Munki brand, CR8VMNDS has developed many valuable relationships from our own brands which enable us to build successful brands for our clients. The company, as it exists today, embodies the growth of the original marketing that went into building our very first brand.


We carry many brands such as Bella, American Apparel, Nike Golf, District Made, New Balance, Alternative Apparel, Yupong, GYM STREET APPAREL, New Era and many others.


At CR8VMNDS we focus on A-Z brand development which means not only screenprinting or embroidery, but graphic design, labels, product shots, e-commerce development, print mediums, and online marketing.


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