Custom Apparel Finishings

Why not brand your apparel or start your own apparel brand? We've got you covered across the board, from tag removal and custom clothing labels, to sewn-in tags, and hang tags. We specialize in retail ready finishings.

Sewn Tags

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Want to brand your shirts to make them look unique? We can easily help you with that by removing the manufacturer's sewn in tags and replacing it with a printed 1 color design on the inside of the shirt. Please note that some brands work better with Tag Removal than others. We recommend American Apparel, GSW, & Gildan.

When doing printed tags on white shirts you run the risk of the tag showing through the back. We recommend using a light grey ink (Cool Gray 3C) when printing on white shirts to help prevent this. Note: Some garments do not de-tag well, we will insure you have the correct garments for your project.

ATTENTION: By law all printed tags are required to list Country of Origin and Fabric. If you are printing on multiple brands and fabrics, additional tag files will be needed. See the Federal Wool & Trade Act for more information.

Tag Removal & Printing

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Another great way to brand your shirts is by having your own custom tags sewn into the shirts. We can put them in the neck of the shirt (either in place of the original tag or on top of it), on the hem of the sleeve or the hem of the bottom of the shirt. CR8VMNDS also manufactures these labels. Contact Us to get started.

Please be sure to send extra labels when you provide labels for your shirts. Always allow yourself a buffer of approximately 10% when you send your labels in to account for loss, error, or manufacturer defect. (IE: If you are printing 50 shirts and you send us 50 tags, if a tag gets ripped or lost after the box is opened, you will only have tags on 49 shirts. If you send us 55 tags, that gives us additional tags to cover possible issues).

Folding & Bagging

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Let us fold and bag your shirts for you for a nice professional touch. This helps keeps your shirts organized and clean. We also apply a size sticker onto each bag so you know what size is inside.

Hang Tags

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Help make your product retail ready with custom clothing labels. Order your hang tags through us or provide us with your own and we can easily put them on all of your shirts! Pricing does not include the cost of printing the hang tags, only inserting/attaching the hang tags to the garment.